On July 1, 2021, the UBC made some changes to the Certified Rigger and Signaler course.

  1. For CSAP, all course registration fees must be received in the office ten (10) days prior to the first day of class.
  2. The Refresher has been eliminated for the next four (4) years. Everyone will have to take the entire course in order to renew their certification.
  3. The Refresher course will be back after four (4) years to refresh like we have been doing. Every other Refresher class will require passing of the practical hands-on portion of the Rigger class.
  4. Testing will be conducted off-site, at a third party testing facility. Fees will be paid by the UBC and written test will be scheduled by the member to fit their life/work schedule.

All further information will be provided by the instructor on the first day of the class. Please remember to register early and submit the course registration fee as soon as you register.