As part of the DOL National Apprenticeship Week, the Carpenter Training Center in Elk Grove Village held its 5th Annual Apprenticeship Open House on November 13 and 14, 2019. This year’s event was geared towards educating those still in high school and the veterans that have served our country about the trades. Over 300 individuals registered on the schools website and attended the event to get more information about an Apprenticeship in Carpentry. The night started out with tours of our facility led by members that volunteered their time to show people around. Those individuals were Ariel Arellano (Local 10), Craig Bonislawski (Local 13), Bryan Flammini (Local 58), Marco Flores (Local 272), Kyle Mitchell (Local 1), Timothy Orr (Local 1027), and Anthony Sheridan (Local 10). 

At 6:30pm, a presentation started with explaining what a Union is and why it’s beneficial to be part of the Carpenters Union. The various crafts that fall under the Carpentry title were described and then what it takes to become a Professional Carpenter were discussed. After explaining how to get into the various Carpentry Apprenticeship training programs, questions were taken from the audience. It was nice to see all of the young faces in the crowd and to have questions about the process of applying for the programs, especially the high school seniors looking to start in the trades once they graduate.  

Thank you to all of those in attendance and to all of the Instructors and Members that helped put on a great event. Doing this event helps promote our trade and will bring in a younger generation to continue the great work the members have done for the Carpenters Union.